American Canoe Association – Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver

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Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver (WWOCD) Committee Membership

as of 30 June 2017

Name Position Phone Email Expiration
Eric Jones Chair 860-756-6703 [email protected] 31 Dec 2017
Keith Havens Former Chair 423-965-5068 [email protected] When new chair takes office
Lynne McDuffie Division – Dixie 910-948-3238 [email protected] *
Ed Sharp Division – Middle States 540-752-5400 [email protected] *
J.R. Mabee Division – New England 207-942-0601 [email protected] *
Nate Lord Division – Rocky Mountain 303-772-3078 [email protected] *
Will Siegfried Division – Northern New York 315-265-1748 [email protected] *
Scott Dillery At Large – Dixie 270-789-0992 [email protected] Annual Meeting – 2018
William McDuffie At Large – Dixie 910-948-3238 [email protected] Annual Meeting – 2019
Andrew Jones At Large – Northern New York 518-225-8568 [email protected] Annual Meeting – 2019
Vacant At Large – ? Annual Meeting – ??
Vacant At Large – ? Annual Meeting – ??

*Division representatives are elected annually by their respective American Canoe Association (ACA) geographic divisions. If the position of division representative becomes vacant for any reason, the Committee can fill the position by majority vote. The following are the current ACA

geographic divisions in order of ACA membership (caps indicates position is vacant): Dixie (1302); Middle States (745); MIDWEST(707);

ATLANTIC(580); New England (527); PACIFIC(337); DELAWARE VALLEY(306); Rocky Mountain (298); NORTHWEST(255); RED RIVER(255);

OHIO-PENN(149); Northern New York (144); EUROPE(83); HAWAII(66); SOUTH AMERICA(26); CANADA(17).