Host the Nationals

The WWOCD Committee is seeking bids to host the ACA 2024 and/or 2025 whitewater open canoe downriver and sprint National Championship. Prospective individuals or hosting organizations seeking to put on the ACA WWOCD National Championships should send preliminary bid information to the WWOCD Chair (See Committee this website).

For bids to be considered for hosting the 2024 or 2025 ACA WWOCD National Championship Races they must include the following information regarding the administrative and safety features for conducting the event (Risk Management Plan). The Risk Management Requirements are needed for insurance coverage for the event  All 5 Sections of the Risk Management Requirements must be addressed in the Bid submission.

Additionally, the information contained in the Invitation Section of the WWOCD Rules (Article XI: INVITATIONS) which can be found on this website under RACING RULES specifies other concerns that must be met by the hosting organizations. These concerns are more venue specific and depend on such things as water releases, course length, staging areas (start/finish), and local facilities/amenities.  For prospective bids the race host and the WWOCD Committee will jointly prepare invitations to race according to Article XI: INVITATIONS of the WWOCD Rules.

More information for preparing a bid can be obtained by contacting us via this website.