Special Awards 2001

Special Awards 2001

The WWOCD rules call for special recognition of the Overall Winners in the Downriver events for both OC-1 and OC-2 in the Formula 14 and Formula 16 divisions. These awards are for the “fastest of the fast”. The Overall Winners for the 2001 ACA Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver National Championships are the following:

OC-1 F14: John Kazimierczyk 51:12

OC-1 F16 Charlie Brackett 55:10

OC-2 F14 Dana Henry & John Kazimierczyk 48:57

OC-2 F16 Garen Stephens & Dana Henry 52:43

Willis Hackett Memorial Trophy

The Willis Hackett Memorial Trophy is awarded each year to the paddler with the fastest Downriver time in the OC-1 F14 (>40) division. This year the award was presented to:

OC-1 (40-54) F14: John Kazimierczyk 51:12

Youngest Downriver Competitor

A three foot , authentic birch bark canoe has been donated by Neil Phillips to serve as a traveling trophy which is awarded to the youngest WWOCD competitor of the event.

The recipient of the ACA 2001 Downriver Open Canoe National Championship Youngest Downriver Competitor was Zane Havens. Zane is 11 years old, from Albion MI, and is now a veteran of two WWOCD National Chanpionships. This year he competed in both the OC-1 Male (10-12) F16 Downriver race on the Middle Yough and in the OC-2 (10-16/25) F16 Sprints on the lower Yough.

OC-1 Male (10-12) F16: Zane Havens 0:47:07

Special Thanks to the Following:

To Ohiopyle State Park and Park Manager Doug Hoehn, for the use of the wonderful park facilities, radios, launch permits for practice days, and for all the valuable pre-event advice.

To Riversport School of Paddling and Bob Rupple, for providing the boat jigging tent, the racing bibs, and for serving as the local host which smoothed things considerably during the early planning stages of the event.

To the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Clyde Braun, for his assistance in obtaining the water releases for the event.

To the Ohiopyle-Stewart Community Center for letting us use the Community Center as Race Headquarters for registration and award ceremonies throughout the event.

To the Mid-Atlantic Paddlers Association and it’s many members who worked very hard on relatively short notice to make the event happen.