Special Awards 2002

The WWOCD rules call for special recognition of the Overall Winners in the Downriver events for both OC-1 and OC-2 in the Formula 14 and Formula 16 divisions. These awards are for the “fastest of the fast” regardless of the class. The Overall Winners for the 2002 ACA Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver National Championships are the following:

OC-1 F14: John Kazimierczyk 1:00:26

OC-1 F16: Quincy Ayscue 1:05:08

OC-2 F14: Barry Dana & Lori Dana 1:00:57

OC-2 F16: John Kazimierczyk & Sue Slowick 1:01:49


Willis Hackett Memorial Trophy

The Willis Hackett Memorial Trophy is awarded each year to the paddler with the fastest Downriver time in the OC-1 F14 (>40) division. This year the award was presented to:

OC-1 (40-54) F14: John Kazimierczyk 1:00:26

Youngest Downriver Competitor

A three foot , authentic birch bark canoe has been donated by Neil Phillips to serve as a traveling trophy which is awarded to the youngest WWOCD competitor of the event.

The recipient of the ACA 2002 Downriver Open Canoe National Championship Youngest Downriver Competitor was Todd Boucher. Todd is 10 years old, from Hudson, NH, and he competed in both the OC-2 (10-16/25) Formula 16 Sprint and the OC-2 (10-16/25) Formula 16 Downriver races. Todd won the silver medal in the OC-1 Male (10-12) Formula 16 Downriver race with a time of 0:30:20.

OC-1 Male (10-12) F16: Todd Boucher 0:30:20


Special Thanks to the Following:

To the ACA New England Division for their support of this national championship event

To the PG & E National Energy Group for providing 900 cfs of water each day of racing during the event.

To the Mohawk Park Campground Restaurant & Pub for letting us use their facilities as Race Headquarters for registration and award ceremonies throughout the event.

To the Charlemont Inn for providing the facilities for the WWOCD meeting and video viewing session.


Three way tie for first in the Men’s (40-54) 16% Sprint.

For the first time in the history of the ACA WWOCD National Championships a three way tie for first place was recorded. William McDuffie, Kirk Havens, and Jim Farrington were each clocked at 11 minutes and 33 seconds for their sprint race through Zoar Gap. As a result, the three friends were recognized as Co-National Champions for this sprint class.

Notable Performances

Fine performances were turned in by Quincy Ayscue and 14 year old Zack Havens during this years National Championships. Both Q and Zack won all of their races, earning five gold medals apiece in their five starts. They teamed up in the OC-2 (19-39) Formula 14 race for one of their medals. Congratulations to both Q and Zack.


Graph from USGS for the four days of competition


To order photos of the Nationals contact Bob Story and check <mountainimages.photoreflect.com>


To order video coverage of the event contact Jeff Dynia



The 2002 ACA WWOCD Race Committee extends a special thanks to all the volunteers that made our event possible. All of the competitors who helped with the small things made a difficult job easier and I thank each of them for their efforts. We were fortunate to have a safe, fun, and exciting National Championship event. For me, my most memorable moment of the 2002 Nationals was watching the 13 kids (boys & girls) start their whitewater downriver races on Thursday afternoon. This makes all of the effort of putting on the Nationals worthwhile. If we want our sport to grow we must do all we can for the youth in our sport. Thanks to all Charlie

Race Committee: Charlie Brackett, Sue Havens, Jim Santerre, Vicky Wesley, April Desreuisseau, Kelly Desreuisseau, Kecey Frink

Setup crew: Jason Pryor, Charlie Brackett, Dana Henry, Jamie Hannon, Keith Havens

Web Site: Jim Santerre

Safety Crew: Guy Flatley, Dan Pelletier, Jonathan Flatley, Bill McDonald, Dan Card, Rich Webber, Dana Henry, Clayton Cole, Paul Cole Keith Havens, Nate Lord, Scott King, Ed Sharp

Video Jeff Dynia

Race Photos Bob Story, Jim Santerre, Dan Pelletier

T-shirts: Jenny Jones,

Inspection: Ed Sharp, Paul Brown, Keith Havens, Kirk Havens, Jamie Hannon, Quincy Ayscue

Registration: Kelly Desreuisseau , April Desreuisseau, Vicky Wesley

Timing: Sue Havens, Cheryl Bradley, April and Kelly Desreuisseau, Bill McDonald

Shuttle: Clayton Cole

Clean-up: Sue Havens, Vicky Wesley, Charlie Brackett, April and Kelly Desreuisseau

Awards for drawings Charlie Brackett, Bill McDonald

Chief Judge: Dan Pelletier

Jury: Scott King, Ed Sharp, Neil Phillips, Clayton Cole, Paul Cole, Keith Havens